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a place for everyone

Third Space Cafe's

Bowling Bonanza


"Spare Some Change"

Stay tune! 

Since 2018, the Third Space Cafe has had open doors to our community on Queen St. We have the exciting opportunity this year to invite you to a fun afternoon of bowling with your friends and family, in support of extending our "safe space" hours and supporting the work of one volunteer coordinator position for the Third Space/Bridge Free Breakfast Program.

bowling alley.jpg


Our goal this year is to raise $25,000 for a Volunteer Coordinator position for our breakfast program, and to extend our "safe space" hours at 4345 Queen St. We truly believe we are Better Together, and that is why we are inviting you to come join in the fun!


The Third Space Cafe aims to be a place where everyone is welcome and belongs. To that end, we engage in a variety of initiatives: providing workplace training opportunities to those with barriers to employment, offering a warm and welcoming space during open hours, and hosting community events that are alcohol free, safe and accessible to all. 

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