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Original Breakfast

Our original breakfast sandwich is our specialty. On a garlic toasted bagel our signature dish comes with a fried egg, two pieces of bacon, cheddar cheese, and lettuce.

$5.00 plus tax

Breakfast Club

Toasted on an English muffin; the breakfast club is a bit smaller than our original breakfast sandwich. Included on this sandwich is a fried egg, ham, lettuce, and tomato.

$4.25 plus tax



What can go wrong with one of these right? Our BLT is on a garlic buttered multi grain bun with what else but, 4 pieces of bacon, 3 slices of tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise.

$7.00 plus tax

Jalapeno Popper.JPG

Jalapeno Popper

A newer addition to our menu, our popper is on our signature garlic toasted bagels with some cream cheese, jalapenos and two pieces of bacon for you to enjoy!

$6.00 plus tax

Ham n Cheese.JPG

Ham N Cheese Cubano

One of our classic sandwiches, this Cubano is our simplest creation but one you're sure to enjoy. On a garlic toasted multigrain bun, it includes ham, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and jalapenos.

$7.50 plus tax

Italian Chicken.JPG

Italian Chicken

An Italian delicacy. This sandwich is garlic toasted on a white ciabatta bun, piled with shredded chicken we roast in-house and tomato sauce and then topped off with some shredded mozzarella cheese. 

$7.75 plus tax

Piclkled Pork.JPG

Pickled Pork

The newest addition to our menu. Our Pork Loin Roast Sandwich is garlic toasted on a white ciabatta bun with mayo, slices of pork loin roast, pickled onions and lettuce.

$6.75 plus tax


Curry Chicken Wrap

Our Curry Chicken wrap has been making its way home as a favourite. On a lovely tortilla wrap, our curry chicken is a mix of shredded carrots, mayo curry sauce, chicken and raisins all together for your delight.

$7.75 plus tax

southwest bean.JPG

Southwest Bean Wrap

The other side of the wrap spectrum is our Southwest Bean wrap. Once again on a nice tortilla, the bean wrap comes with a roasted red pepper, vegan cheese, lettuce, fresh tomato or carrots and a blend of beans, paprika, chili powder, cumin and hummus.

$7.75 plus tax

vegan rainbow.JPG

Vegan Rainbow

we come prepared for everyone. Containing nothing sourced from an animal, our vegan rainbow can be done in a salad or a sandwich with our sandwich being a garlic toasted vegan bagel with a roasted red pepper, vegan cheese, hummus, shredded carrots and lettuce.

$7.50 plus tax

Tuna Melt.JPG

Tuna Melt

Another one of our classics, our Tuna Melt comes on a garlic toasted multigrain bun with a tuna, mayo and green onion blend topped with some cheddar cheese and broiled to create the melty goodness we know and love. A staff favourite.

$7.50 plus tax


Montreal Style Bagels

Our Montreal style bagels come from a local baker. We have a variety of different options for you, our main ones being plain, sesame seed, and everything style. We have new types coming in every so often. Topped with your choice of cream cheese or butter.

$2.50 plus tax

Cream Cheese +$0.50 | Specialty Bagel +$0.50